Fostering Circular

The Farms™ sells much more than just a diversified food basket grown in contemporary and tech driven conditions.
It ultimately offers a unique partnership to all stakeholders, all the way to the end consumer,
through which each party becomes a co-creator of the food produced, of the value creation and of the experience offered.
The Farms™ developed ultimate knowledge about sustainable agriculture to help build ecosystems.

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The Mission

The Farms™ is in the process of building a circular ecosystem consisting in a series of food producing infrastructures which will contribute to fulfill a portion of the U.A.E. needs in terms of food supply.

The Farms™ will be the first mixed farming system deploying a self-sustainable approach to energy, nutrients and feed while leveraging a circular supply chain. It is noteworthy to indicate that the UAE’s food wastage per capita is almost double the global average, hence creating a unique opportunity to tackle in one combined approach the food security and food wastage challenges.

The Farms™ will partner with its customers and the local governments in order to create a circular economy.

The Plan

The Farms™ purpose is to aggregate state of the art technologies & techniques, experts and experienced operators to steer the most autonomous and sustainable mixed farming systems, while being as self-sustainable as possible in terms of energy, water, nutrients and feed. Each of its assets will be built and operated with the intent to continuously allow for integration of the latest innovations, while keeping a focused emphasis on securing structured data, which will be managed and leveraged at all levels of operations.

The Logo Story

The Ensō, often referred to as the Infinity Circle, represents the ever-evolving nature of the world in which we live. The Ensō is often interpreted as the wheel of birth, death, and rebirth. This continuous circle of life is the foundation of The Farms.
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Our Enso was uniquely crafted by the hands of a Shodo Master that would devote her entire being to creating the perfect moment, atmosphere and emotion to paint the stroke that would create the Enso Circle for The Farms™. We are humbled and blessed to have worked with Sensei Junko Azukawa.

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